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I committed to paying 40k of remuneration when i was requested details of  my lump sum which was sent 
"Please find the original WC21 form I sent to you on 14/07/2020 "   reiterated  August 7 2020  "the total gross entitlement $328,099.22 ( before WINZ reimbursement ) , the total lump sum pay to you will be gross $166,245.16 for period  31/10/2007 – 11/07/2019."


may 26, 2020- i sent an email to leo chen  who stated said that he waiting for the information from winz. When i called MSD and IRD they stated they received the information fom ACC

( date) but because of the error from ACC i could not pay the amount of debt that i verbally committed to because of the changed financial position, when planning finances due to the error from ACC it resulted in me not being able to pay money i committed to Jeremy Steiner.


For 1 year i had no income  , medical certificate was provided to ACC. ACC had a PTSD mental injury diagnosis from 2010. Jeremy was fully financially supported me until I received a lump sum and financial support from ACC knowing that i would reimburse jeremy when i received payment from ACC. I waited a long time to finally receive ACC reimbursement.


I also asked ACC to pay me the financial entitlement that was owed to me minus any MSD amount because MSD sent me a letter of debt, without any other information, nor any letter from ACC with any calculation of entitlement. ACC did not also do this.

Casey Philip <>

2:47 PM (7 minutes ago)

to me

I had made a verbal contract based on what I would receive from you and now I am unable to fulfill my commitment due to this error. The amount I am unable to pay is related to this quantifiable loss. The verbal contract was formed through an offer, consideration, and acceptance. However, the breach of this contract was forced upon me by ACC and therefore I am unable to fulfill my obligations. The cost of ACCS error has had a negative impact on me.I incurred counseling costs due to an ACCS error, which caused me to breach a verbal contract. I cannot fulfill my obligations as a result of this error, and it has had a negative impact on me.

osts incurred as a result of this. Initial Maya asked me to show evidence that i seeked treatment for my mental injury in which i responded on the same day with evidence . Maya then thanked me for providing that i seeked treatment, then proceeded to tell me now i needed to have "notes to show what diagnosis was" This is not what is used to update LOPE eligibility.


Therefore I am seeking a Payment Outside of Scope due to ACCS serious service failure.

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